Simplify and streamline your emails to decrease the amount of time you spend writing emails from scratch by using email templates that you can quickly copy and easily tweak to fit your clients and needs.

This guide covers 10 common scenarios encountered by wedding photographers during the inquiry, booking, and gallery delivery process. These emails are designed to help make your client communication thorough and set expectations about working together, so you can increase productivity in other aspects of your business.

The Wedding photographer email guide

streamline your emails

I began my photography business in 2015 and I didn't know where to start, what emails to send, or how to create a client experience. 7 years later, I've photographed more than 100 couples in 11 states and 3 countries, created a highly sought-after senior spokesmodel program, and mentored other photographers as they launched and grew their own businesses.

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1.  Social Media Inquiry
2. Out of Budget Inquiry
3. Unavailable for Date
4. Available for Date
5. Inquiry Follow-Up

6.  Ready to Book
7.  Officially Booked
8.  Unwanted Engagement Session
9.  Sneak Peeks
10.  Gallery Delivery

+ Bonus Freebie Emails

What's included


A wedding photographer's guide to assist with common emails sent throughout the inquiry, booking, and gallery delivery process.

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Wedding Photographer Email Template Guide

10 Email Templates for the Inquiry, Booking, and Gallery Delivery Process
+ Bonus Freebie Emails

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"I would have killed for something like this earlier. [It is] Super informative, I love how katelyn worded the emails."

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"The Email Guide by Katelyn has helped speed up my email workflow! I can now respond in a timely and organized manner all while adding in my own voice, branding and details curated to each client."

Jenna Stevens

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