Effectively equip yourself with key pieces of information pertaining  to your client's wedding before the big day comes, to set yourself and your team up for success.

The Pre-Wedding Questionnaire helps you to collect the names of your couple's other vendors, timeline details and order of events, family list and special photo requests, and other miscellaneous pieces of information that will help you feel confident as you enter the wedding day.

Designed to be sent to your clients for completion ahead of their wedding month, the questionnaire helps ensure everyone is on the same page and prepared for the day,

pre-wedding querstionnaire

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I began my photography business in 2015 and I didn't know where to start, what emails to send, or how to create a client experience. 7 years later, I've photographed more than 100 couples in 11 states and 3 countries, created a highly sought-after senior spokesmodel program, and mentored other photographers as they launched and grew their own businesses.

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More than 50 copy-and-paste questions to create your own online questionnaire to send to clients before their wedding. The questionnaire helps collect various planning, vendor, photo request, and timeline details to ensure that you're best prepared and on the same page as your clients for their day. I recommend sending the questionnaire 4-6 weeks prior to the wedding, to provide your clients plenty of time to complete the questionnaire without adding too much to their plate too close to the wedding.

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Pre-Wedding Questionnaire for photographers to send to their couples, to collect key details and prepare before the big day

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pre-wedding questionnaire

More than 50 question ideas to ask your couples before the wedding to help you build the timeline and prepare for the events of the day

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