Engaged Couple at Cheekwood Gardens in Nashville TN

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Annie + Jon | Cheekwood Engagement Session


This job is always an absolute honor– to be trusted and invited into such important milestones– but it’s even more of a humbling honor when another photographer is the one choosing me to document their memories. I met Annie in 2018 at a photography conference, where we shared an Airbnb and soaked up all the education, hopping around town grabbing coffee, lunch, swapping headshots, and becoming fast friends who have kept in touch over the years. When Annie texted me earlier this year that she met someone, I knew it was a big deal because she loves so fiercely and has such a level head on her shoulders that he had to be her perfect match.

I was so thrilled when Annie and Jon chose to have a Cheekwood engagement session in Nashville, Tennessee because the property is a photographer’s dream– stunning architecture, landscaped gardens, and the most beautiful sunshine pouring through the trees (perfect for another photographer’s engagement photos). I finally got to meet Jon at Cheekwood after hearing such wonderful things about him for months, and it was so sweet to see how well he loves and serves Annie. His smile with her and the way he looks at her equals the way that she deserves to be treated and loved, and I am so incredibly happy for my friend to have found her soulmate.

We laughed our way through the gardens, chasing the glowy sunlight and quintessential landmarks at Cheekwood, and ended the evening with Mexican food and good conversation. To be witness to their joy and excitement to marry was such a joy for me, and I had a mile-wide smile on my face the entire time. I am so grateful and excited to capture these memories for this pair, and can hardly wait for their October wedding because I know it will be such a beautiful and heart-warming day.

Annie– I am so excited that you’ve found your perfect match and life partner, and am so humbled to be trusted to preserve this season of life for you.

Jon– Thank you for loving my friend, and for bringing her all the happiness in the world. I am so looking forward to seeing the life that you all create together and all of the couples you impact together in your business.

Film Processing: PhotoVision Prints

Captured on Contax645 with Portra400

Cheekwood Engagement Session. Katelyn V. Photography is a Film Wedding Photographer. If you’re looking for a wedding or engagement photographer, I would absolutely love to connect with you! Inquire Here Now

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